TGA consultants - medicines, medical devices, GMP

Talk to the experts on TGA regulations

In the therapeutic goods business, success depends on two things; providing a quality product that works, and mastering the regulatory environment you have to work within.

The regulations are complex, and constantly changing, and it can be very difficult for one organisation to provide the level of expertise needed to successfully deal with bodies like the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

That’s where we can help.

Archer Emery and Associates are specialist consultants on OTC, complementary and prescription medicines (drugs), medical devices, cosmetics and foods – and the regulatory requirements that govern their use in Australia and New Zealand.

We have extensive experience in the private sector, and we are the only consultancy team with over 50 years of experience working in senior positions within the TGA.

We know the regulations, the systems and the people well. And we bring this knowledge to every project we work on.

Talk to us! We’re the consultants who can help you achieve the best possible outcomes in all your dealings with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and Medsafe.